Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Shoddy Response from Thomson

You may remember I wrote a letter to Thomson Holidays some time back after being rather frustrated at their shoddy seat booking system and the fact there were hardly any seats left on the plane for me to book. I have finally received a response that is neither here nor there and is, quite frankly, a waste of time.

"Thanks for your letter about your holiday to Cyprus.

Firstly I'm sorry to learn you're unhappy with the service you've received to date from us. We're always aiming to improve our service so it's great to get your feedback so we can monitor our customer satisfaction. (Not much point really if they take no bloody notice of it!!!!!)

I note from your letter, you're unhappy with the seat selection you had to choose from on your flight as you wished to book seats at the front of the plane due to your daughter being autistic. (That is absolute rubbish - it had nothing to do with Amy being autistic. I was actually unhappy with the fact there were hardly any fucking seats to choose from, so something else they took no notice of.) I can advise all customers who pre book  their seats on the plane, will be given access to their seating plan 90 days prior to their return date to select their seat numbers. (That's bollocks for a start; the shop I used didn't have access to it!)

I've today worked out (this letter was dated 28/06/14) that on the 14th May 2014, your seating plan would have been open for you to select your seat numbers. (According to the shop it wasn't open on that date otherwise I'd have sodding booked them, wouldn't I?!!!!) However I can see you didn't choose your seats until the start of June, which meant other customers would have been able to select their seats before you logged on. (Logged on? I went into the shop to book the seats!) All our seats are on a first come first serve basis however when customers choose to pre book their seats we will guarantee their party sitting together, whether this is next to each other, across an aisle or behind one another.

In regards to our seating plan opening 90 days from customers return date of travel, which means customers on a 7 night duration are at an advantage at selecting their seats. Unfortunately we're unable to change this policy so customers can select their seats number 90 days from their departure date or when they add pre bookable seats on to their booking as our policy has always been 90 days prior to customers return date of travel. Once again I do apologise for this and for any inconvenience caused. (Of course, this rule was made by someone so high up the chain of Thomson employees that it couldn't possibly be changed now. Why didn't I think of that...?!)

The service you're received is not what we would hope for, so I'm sorry for your experience. Your comments have been passed onto the relevant department so they can learn from your comments and put any required training and improvements in place. (And the point of that is what, exactly?)

Thanks again for contacting us and letting us know your thoughts. We'll keep working towards making sure we're providing the best possible service. If you've got any other questions then you're welcome to get back in touch. (Welcome?)  I hope that despite any disappointment you go on to have a fantastic time in Cyprus. (Well you won't be spoiling it, that's for sure.)

Yours sincerely"

I think this is a pretty poor response. I didn't expect miracles and I certainly didn't expect preferential treatment, but they are clearly not going to do anything about my "thoughts". I'm not going to let it get to me because so long as we get there and back safely, I intend to enjoy two weeks in the sun. What I won't be doing is going on any of their ridiculously priced excursions. And I do think whoever typed that letter up ought to learn about punctuation and grammar. When writing formal correspondence to a client, it really does matter.


  1. I wouldn't leave it at that, write back making the comments you've made here and any others you can think of.

    1. I am thinking of responding to it, Pearl. Feel like I've been totally fobbed off.

  2. Kay just tried to reserve her seat online on the dot of 24 hours before flight, as she wanted a window seat to dose against the window. On the dot when she could reserve a seat - all hundred rows on the plane were fully booked bar a few randon seats in the middle here and there. So no window seat for her on a very long journey, How is that possible?

    1. I reckon the majority of passengers reserve seats now and it must be very frustrating for those who wait till they get to check-in desks and find they can't sit together.

  3. I just head to a travel agent and book stuff. Old school.
    Hope it all works out!

    1. That what I do, Donna. I prefer to book everything through a travel agent in a shop so there's always someone to whinge to if anything goes wrong ;-)

  4. Hi Crystal - that is a very poorly consructed letter from them - full of gramatical errors.

    I think you should send it back to them along with the highlighted comments you makei n this post!! . . . and highlight in red all their mistakes. They are fobbing you off! Threaten to contact the media - that will give them the shits LOL.

    Whist writing Crystal I am starting a funny weekend famous quotation slot (my second week) and I am asking friends if they will kindly promote it on their blogs to get the word round. I am inviting readers to send in quotations and next Saturday I have a humdinger of a post all ready - I think it could take off - people love it. Hugs ~ Eddie PS Love the piccie of you on your header..

    1. Shocking, isn't it! It's as though it's been rushed and put together from one of their bog-standard replies to complaints, changing a few words here and there.

      I'll promote your blog certainly. I'll pop it on Twitter and Facebook also. Twitter is rife for quotations! Do you have an account on there?

    2. No I have no account on Twitter - still not sure how it works. :)

  5. Just tell them you've published their reply on your (widely-read and award-winning) blog!

    1. I think that could be a good idea! As far as they're concerned I reckon the matter's closed.

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  7. We had problems with Thomson about ten years ago. We wrote several letters and got nowhere. So we told them that we would never book with them again and we haven't. In fact we have not booked a package holiday since then. We have been booking hotels and flights direct via the Internet. Sometimes we can even choose a particular room never mind the seat on the plane. It is a bit daunting at first, but now we would not even consider a package holiday.


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