Saturday, 12 July 2014

Radio Northumberland

Tune into Radio Northumberland at 4.30pm TODAY AND TOMORROW (Saturday and Sunday) to hear me on the Paranormal Show talking about my books and lots of ghostly communication! With presenters Paul Green and Claire Sloan. (Click the Link below) 


  1. I'd been out for most of the afternoon and when I got back I logged on to read blogs. I saw yours at 16.29. I was just in time to hear your broadcast! How strange was that! You came across very well. I don't think I'd be so comfortable sharing my house with spirits.

  2. Aww, thanks Addy! The presenters made me feel very much at ease. I didn't like hearing myself on the radio I must admit but I've got the bug now and hope to be on again!

  3. you sounded very at ease and relaxed like you were an experienced broadcaster! I've always imagined that with radio if you can't see your audience it is more like chatting to a few people in a room.

  4. Well done you but so sorry I missed it! x


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