Friday, 4 July 2014

Major Confidence Boost

Had an amazing experience yesterday (Thursday) when I met two fascinating people after being invited as a guest on Radio Northumberland. Paul Green (aka The Psychic Biker) and Claire Sloan (founder of paranormal investigations show Shadows of The Night) made me welcome in their recording studio and we hit it off after seconds of being in each other's company. I admit I was a little nervous about the prospect of speaking into a microphone over the airwaves but it was a recorded interview and informal chat which meant Paul was able to edit out any rambling and tongue twisters I would inevitably manage to do. Both complete professionals, they made me feel comfortable and at ease and didn't ask too many probing questions! In fact, they made me feel so confident that I'm hoping they'll ask me back to do another show some time...

I was asked questions like, what inspired me to write paranormal, when did I first become interested in the paranormal, what experiences have I had - all answers I was eager to give because as you know, talking about mediumship and all things spiritual is what my life is about. We talked about my books of course, that was the main reason for being invited on the show, and I was given some glowing compliments particularly concerning the Rosehill series. (Claire was also quite interested in Bedknobs and Bachelors so I'm sending her a signed copy - I think she quite fancies the main character, Gary Stringer, and his notches-on-the-bedpost-antics...)

But apart from the fabulous fun we had, the great company and particularly interesting experience of doing a recorded interview for a major radio station, those couple of hours have given me a huge boost in confidence, and those regular followers and readers of this blog will know that is something I've struggled with for a very long time. When I got home I realised that there is a whole new world out there and I need to explore it.

So thank you, Paul and Claire, for making me smile again, for all the compliments, for the amazing experience and for becoming my two newest friends.


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  2. That's fabulous! I'm so pleased it has given you such a good confidence boost!


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